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  • Chinese Red Date Jujube

    Chinese Red Date Jujube

    1. Chinese Red Date Jujube is rich in protein, fat, sugar, carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin P, calcium, phosphorus, iron and adenosine phosphate and other nutrients.
    2. Among them, the content of vitamin C is the best in the fruit;

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    Chinese Red Date Jujube is known as the "king of fruits", the vitamin content is very high and it contains 18 kinds of amino acids, minerals and high quantity of rutin. 

    Red jujube dates can tonify kidney and nourish the stomach, spleen, blood and strengthen the boby. ln China, there is saying as " eat three grains of jujube to live forever and never grow old" , that's why jujube is so popular. YT Biochem supplies different sizes of jujube for your different usage.

    Red jujube dates - YT Biochem

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