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  • Collagen Peptide

    Collagen Peptide

    1.Source: Bovine/Fish
    2.Content:Not less than 90% Protein
    3.Texture: White fine powder
    4.MOQ: 25kg
    5.Shelf life: 2 years

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    Collagen, as a biopolymer, is the main component of animal connective tissue and functional protein widely distributed in mammals, accounting for 25% to 30% , even more than 80%, of total protein, in the organism. Livestock and poultry is the main source for people to obtain natural collagen and collagen peptide.

    Our collagen peptide is from fish, bovine collagen, protein content is not less than 90%, molecular weight is not more than 1000, the PH value is between 5 and 6.5. Collagen powder is a white to off-white powder with good water solubility, Due to its good biocompatibility, biodegradability and biological activity, collagen has been widely used in food, medicine, tissue engineering, cosmetics and other fields. we now can supply collagen capsule, the package like bottle, bags can also be customized.

    Generally, as the composition of connective tissue, collagen can protect skin, help to preventing osteoporosis, so it is a health ingredients for athletes and the old.

    Please feel free to ask us bulk price, spec and sample.


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