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  • Mung Protein

    Mung Protein

    1. Mung protein is over 80% protein content;
    2. It is a light yellow powder without any off-odor;
    3. The moisture is less than 10.0%;
    4. Ash is less than 8.0%;
    5. Total bacterial is less than 10000cfu/g;

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    Mung protein is over 80% protein content, it's a light yellow powder without any off-odor, the moisture is less than 10.0%, Ash is less than 8.0%, package is normally in 15kg per bag, if you have special request, welcome to let us know.

    It is also called green moong dal protein, and it's a high protein product, mainly containing globulin, albumin and prolamin. The content of globulin and albumin is the largest. The amino acid pattern of albumin is similar to that of the human body. It is rich in amino acids and a high-quality natural plant protein. 

    Different moong dal yellow protein varieties and extraction methods may result in different protein content, we have the best method to make the high protein content.

    Our Green mung protein has good solubility and foamability, certain water retention and emulsification. Solubility is one of the most important functional properties. The main factors affecting the solubility are pH, temperature and protein Types, coexisting salts, etc.

    Our green mung beans protein is made from Non-GMO Chinese mung beans and does not contain any melamine, it's Non-GMO, Allergen free, Gluten free, YT Biochem now can supply over 20 plant proteins.

    Mung protein - YT Biochem

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