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  • Hydrolysed pea protein

    Hydrolysed pea protein

    1.Organic yellow pea protein is very hot in market;
    2.Latin name: Pisum sativum Linn;
    3.Origin: China;
    4.Shelf life: 24 months;
    5.Certificates: EU & NOP Organic certificate, Kosher;

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    Hydrolysed pea protein is all natrual plant based protein powder made with NO artificial flavors, coloring, or other ingredients, is a pure protein powders skip the chemicals, preservatives and artificial sweeteners without skimping on taste. Pea based protein powder can be used in vegetable protein beverages health food & beverages and sausages based on its good water-solubility.

    Natural pea protein is made from the high-quality pea. The working procedures include separating, homogenizing, sterilizing and spray drying. The content of pea protein powder we produce is 60%-80%, pea protein powder is popular. It has good gelatinization and water solubility including dispersibility, stability and dissolution.

    Organic yellow pea isolate protein, Pea protein concentrate and Pea protein are our hot-selling products, the quality of these products is very good. Excellent control of heavy metal and micro; Non-allergen; Ease of digestibility; Completely natural protein among all cereal grains; Well-balanced amino acid profile; Gluten and lactose-free; High biological value.

    organic pea protein powder bulk


    Physical & Chemical Data
    AppearanceYellow wish powder,  no impunity cloud be seen by naked eyesConformQ/YST 0001-S-2018
    ColorYellow wishConformQ/YST 0001-S-2018
    Analytical Quality
    Moisture≤10%6.69GB 5009.3-2016 I
    Protein (Dry Basis)≥80%81.5GB 5009.5-2016 I
    Ash≤7%3.92GB 5009.4-2016 I
    PH6.0-8.07.03PH Meter

    Total plate count≤10000CFU/g100GB 4789.2-2016 I
    Yeast & Molds≤100CFU/g<10GB 4789.15-2016
    Coliforms≤30CFU/g<10GB 4789.3-2016 II
    SalmonellaNegative/25gNegativeGB 4789.4-2016
    E ColiNegative CFU/g<10GB 4789.3-2016 II
    Staph. aureusNegative CFU/g<10GB4789.10-2016 II
    Heavy Metals

    Lead≤1.0 mg/kgNot DetectedGB 5009.12-2017 I
    Arsenic≤0.5 mg/kg0.036GB 5009.11-2014 I
    OchratoxinNegative Ug/kgNot DetectedGB 5009.96-2016 I
    AflatoxinsNegative Ug/kg  Not DetectedGB 5009.22-2016 III
    StorageStore in a well-closed container away from moisture, light, oxygen.
    Shelf Life24 months under the conditions above and in its original packaging.

    Packing and Transport

    Packing and Transport

    If you have any demand with packing, please feel free to contact me.

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