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  • Rice Protein Peptide

    Rice Protein Peptide

    1. Water Soluble: Yes.
    2. GMO:NON-GMO.
    3. Peptides:> 50%.
    4. Protein(dry basis):> 80%...

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    Rice protein peptide is extracted from rice protein and has higher nutritional value. Protein peptides have simpler structure and smaller molecular weight than proteins. Scientific discovery, almost all cells are regulated by polypeptides, such as: cell differentiation, neurohormone transmitter regulation, immune regulation and so on are closely related to the active peptide, it has the dual effect of regulating physiological functions of the body and providing nutrition for the body.

    Rice protein peptide powder is one of the popular food additives and ingredients in most countries, technical content and market prospect of high-grade functional protein additive in today's nutritional food industry, which can be widely used in health food, nutritional food, baked food, athlete food and other fields.

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