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  • White Rice Starch

    White Rice Starch

    1. The smallest particle size: μm: 3*3-8*3.
    . 2. Organic Rice starch.
    3. Characteristics: Colour and lustre is white, easy digest, low allergenic excellent features.
    4. Many important application values: baby food, medicine and cosmetics industry has important application value.

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    Our white rice starch is produced from China non-GMO rice with second to none technology of enzymatic method. Rice starch has pure flavor and excellent digestibility, it is also non-allergen, non-GMO. Rice starch particle is the smallest in all natural starch, with the size of 2μm ~ 8μm and the majority shows irregular polygonal shape, and significant angular. It has a very good dispersion in the aqueous phase. The particle size is similar to homogenized fat ball, so rice starch has creamy taste.

    Rice starch is mainly used as thickener, filler, excipient and functional factor in food industry and pharmaceutical industry.At the same time, rice starch can be used as raw material to directly produce various types of starch sugar, such as glucose syrup, crystallized glucose, maltodextrin, malt syrup, ultra-high maltose, crystallized maltose, maltooligosaccharide and isomaltooligosaccharide.Rice starch can be directly used in candy, biscuits, bread, jam, jelly, cold drinks, drinks, ice cream, sausage, ham sausage, cakes, solid drinks, milk cake, instant noodles and other kinds of food, so that the composition of food collocation to the functional direction.

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