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  • Organic Inulin Powder/Inulin

    Organic Inulin Powder/Inulin

    1. Organic Inulin Powder/Inulin is exported to EU and Asia markets mainly;
    2. It's extracted from Jerusalem Artichoke Tuber by a natural process;
    3. It is a short-chain inulin;

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    Organic Inulin Powder/ Inulin is extracted from Jerusalem Artichoke Tuber by a natural process, it's a short-chain inulin, the average DP (degree of polymerization) is 6-7.

    Our pure inulin can offer great prebiotic effects, improved solubility, and lower viscosity. It can be used in dietary supplements goods, beverage, dairy, bakery, cereals, confectionary, etc.

    We have Jerusalem artichoke inulin powder with EU and NOP Organic & conventional quality, it's Non-GMO, and totally natural without any additives, the Total Carbohydrate(on DM) is over 99.5%, Moisture is lower than 5%, and Ash(acid-insoluble) is lower than 0.5%.

    Recommended shelf life of our organic jerusalem artichoke inulin is three years in dry conditions (Max 30°C, Max 60% R.H.) and in original unopened packaging.  

    Except Jerusalem Artichoke inulin source, our Chicory root inulin powder is also very hot, mainly in USA and EU market, it seems this product is in short supply currently, but we are ready 6000 tons for exporting, we will have exact price in Aug., if you have request as for these two inulin types, welcome to email us below to let us note your request in advance.

    chicory root inulin powder - YT Biochem

    Welcome to reach us for more details, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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