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  • Bell Pepper Powder

    Bell Pepper Powder

    1.Organic certified Bell pepper powder
    2.Bulk supplier.
    3.Latin name:Capsicum frutescens L...

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    Bell pepper powder , or sweet pepper powder, is from the plant Capsicum frutescens L, a subspecies of sweet berries, annual or perennial herb. The flesh is thick and crispy, rich in vitamin C. Especially red and green bell peppers, they are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, folic acid and potassium. The nutrient content of sweet peppers raw and cooked is almost the same. The nutrient ratio of different varieties of sweet pepper is slightly different.

    Our dried bell pepper powder is made of 100% of bell pepper without any additive, it is Non-GMO and allergen free, we have an independent product line for bell pepper, so there won’t be any cross contamination. For red bell pepper powder we have different color value spec, please feel free to let us know your needs. The heavy mental in bell pepper powder is less than 10ppm, the microbiological plate count is less than 10,000cfu.

    Our sweet pepper powder use dry wash or water wash to remove the most pesticide inside, we can made fast delivery if your quantity is not much like less than 10 tons. We generally won't stock too much in the warehouse in order to keep freshness of product.

    Green pepper powder in YTbiochem is also available, the heavy mental and microbiological parameters can be customized from requests of customer, please feel free to ask us spec, sample, price and lead time in the moment.

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