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  • Quality Matcha Powder

    Quality Matcha Powder

    1.Quality Matcha Powder can be divided into different grades, that the mesh is higher and the color is more green is with higher quality;
    2.Being made from the finest green tea leaves,it has the most nutritious, best-tasting and rich antioxidant features;

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    Product description

    Quality Matcha Powder can reach to different mesh of 300, 800, 1000, 2000 or higher grade based on your Customized request - The higher mesh and deeper green are in the higher quality.

    Our high grade matcha powder is made from the finest green tea leaves, which comes from 36 degrees in North latitude and has high amino acid, protein, chlorophyll content, low tea polyphenols and caffeine content. Before picking, there are also some requirements for the picking time and leaf size of fresh tea leaves. 

    The production time of Matcha green tea powder is relatively short, only about 50 days. With high-quality fresh tea leaves produced in April and May as raw materials, then through strict test in each step, the quality of our matcha is the best.

    With advanced equipment, senior expert team and much experience for over 10 years, our pure matcha green tea powder has been exported around the world, so we can smoothly deal with each process after you make order, and sure to support you a considerable after-sale service with any Customs-cleaning files you request.

    Except bulk orders, we also support OEM service with small packages for our authentic matcha powder, we are sure you will get the best taste, color and good price what you want. 

    matcha grren tea powder


    Physical & Chemical Data

    AppearanceGreen  Fine powderConform
    Part UsedLeaveConform
    Analytical Quality

    Loss on Drying≤7.5%2.80%
    Ash Content≤7.5%5.70%
    Particle size500meshConform
    Heavy Metals

    Total Heavy metals≤10ppm  Conform
    Lead (Pb)≤5.0ppmConform
    Arsenic (As)≤1.0ppmConform
    Cadmium (Cd)≤0.5ppmConform

    Total Plate Count≤10, 000cfu/gConform
    Yeast & Mold≤100cfu/gConform
    StorageStore in a well-closed container away from moisture, light, oxygen.
    Shelf Life24 months under the conditions above and in its original packaging.


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    Our matcha powder is certified by ISO, organic and kosher.

    Packing and Transport


    If you have any other special requirements with packing, please feel free to contact us.

    Welcome to reach us for more details if you are interested in our this product, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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