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  • spirulina algae powder

    spirulina algae powder

    1. Spirulina algae powder is one of the most nutritionally rich and balanced species found so far.
    2. Its cell wall is extremely thin and the most easily absorbed by people, the absorption rate of up to 95%.
    3. It is the most complete, comprehensive, balanced and easily absorbed natural nutrient by human body.

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    Spirulina algae powder is rich in protein, up to 60-70%, which is several times higher than nutrient-rich food in general concept, such as soybean, beef and egg. Protein is the basic element to sustain life and it is a biological macromolecules composed of 20 amino acids, of which 8 cannot be synthesized by themselves in humans and animals - only can get through food supply, and these 8 amino acids are very rich in spirulina, especially it is far higher than other foods.

    Spirulina algae powder - YT Biochem

    Why Us

    1) Our natural spirulina powder has the Outstanding quality control. Every batch will go through third party test before sale.

    2) Here you will find the most competitive price which is almost equal to the actual cost.

    3) We will make a strict time schedule for your order to 100% ensures the timely delivery.

    4) We can make the production into the size or shapes as requested.

    5)  We have organic certification by CERES.


    1) What is your MOQ.

        Normally, MOQ for our products is 1kg.

    2) How to pay sample?

        50G sample is free. You can pay freight by Paypal, West Union and account number.

    Welcome to reach us for more details, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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