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  • Green tea leaf powder

    Green tea leaf powder

    1.Green tea leaf powder includes catechins which contain an enormous amount of hydroxyphenols that are easily oxidized, congregated and contracted, this explains its good anti-oxidation effect;
    2.Its anti-oxidation effect is 25-100 times as strong as those of vitamin C and E;

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    Green tea leaf powder has many different grades, we usually call it as "matcha powder", it's widely used in medicines, agriculture, chemical and food industries.

    Our organic green tea powder is EU & NOP Organic certified, it is allergen free, gluten free, Non-GMO, and we have selt it to around the world, the main market is in Spain, UK, Germany, USA, Thailand.

    Matcha powder grades have six types, this is reflected in their different mesh, process, raw material, color and taste, and surely make it to be used in different areas:

    1. Grade A:For Cooking /culinary grade (SM100)

    Particle Size: 500 mesh

    2. Grade AA :For Baking grade (SMMMC)

    Particle Size: 500mesh

    (Since barley grass juice powder can be added in this grade of Matcha, the Matcha will keep green after hot cooking.)

    3.Grade AAA: For beverage,dessert grade & cosmetic grade (SM200)

    Particle Size: 1000mesh

    4.Grade AAAA:Ceremonial grade (SM300)

    Particle Size: 2000 mesh

    5.Grade AAAAA: Ceremonial grade premium matcha (SM500)

    Particle Size: 2000 mesh  

    6.Super Ceremony: Superior quality matcha (SM700)

    Particle Size:5000 mesh

    (this premium green tea powder is the best special grade, the raw material of this matcha is”Shu bei” tree species.The size of particle is 2.6 micorn powder. The powder is more finer. This grade of matcha is jade green and delicious taste. Normal matcha doesn't have the same color and taste like it. After you taste it, you will know if you are a specilist at matcha.) 

    Green tea leaf powder - YT Biochem

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