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  • Instant matcha powder

    Instant matcha powder

    1. Instant Matcha powder is a kind of super fine powder made from steamed green tea and milled tea;
    2. The particle size can reach more than 800 mesh;

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    Instant Matcha powder is a kind of super fine powder made from steamed green tea and milled tea, which is specially made and has good freshness. The particle size can reach more than 800 mesh, YT Biochem can supply instant matcha powder with different sizes and good prices.

    The difference from normal matcha powder is in the colors, raw materials and processes: 

    1. Instant Matcha powder is made by grinding specific green tea varieties into ultra-fine powder and then steaming. The color is emerald green, and it is very resistant to high temperature. Due to the complexity of tea making process and high technical requirements, the price of tea is relatively high.

    Generally, the ingredients list of instant Matcha powder is based on authentic Matcha powder. After adding Non-dairy creamer and a small amount of sugar, it can be put into flour and eggs to make delicious Matcha flavor. 

    2. Ordinary Organic Matcha Powder/Green Matcha Tea Powder: it is commonly known as green tea powder. It usually uses roasted green tea as raw materials. In this way, the fresh green of the powder can not be guaranteed, so it is mostly yellow green. In addition, green tea powder being Grinded with machine is not better than being grinded with Matcha stone. No matter the particle size, direct drinking or cake will have grinding voice problems. The price is also lower.

    Although ordinary tea contains very high nutrients, because only 35% of the tea is really soluble in water, so it causes a large number of effective ingredients insoluble in water are thrown away as tea dregs. Experiments have proved that eating tea can absorb more nutrients than drinking tea. A bowl of Instant Matcha powder contains more than 30 cups of ordinary green tea. Changing drinking tea into eating tea is not only a reform of eating habits, but also a need to adapt to the fast pace of modern life.

    Instant matcha powder - YT Biochem

    Welcome to reach us for more details if you are interested in our instant matcha powder, we will answer you within 12 hours.

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