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  • Red Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder

    • Asiatic Acid

      Asiatic Acid

      1.Latin name: Centella asiatica (L.) Urban;
      2.We supply Asiatic Acid with different specification;
      4.Part used: Whole Plant;
      5.Main Test Methods: HPLC;
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    • Bilberry (powder, extract powder)

      Bilberry (powder, extract powder)

      1. Bulk & OEM service (Capsules & Tablets & Tea Cut based on your mesh);
      2. Non-GMO, Gluten free;
      3. Supply lots of Plant Extracts - DOWNLOAD attached Main Extract List;
      4. Prices are competitive;
      5. Offer Bilberry extract 25% - EU origin;
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    • Turkey Tail Extract

      Turkey Tail Extract

      1. Latin name:Trametes versicolor.
      2. Polular name:Coriolus versicolor or turkey tail mushroom.
      3. We are bulk supplier.
      4. Coriolus versicolor extract is a traditional Chinese herb,packed with many bio active content like polysaccharide,glucan.
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    • Sclareolide


      Product Name: Sclareolide
      CAS No.: 564-20-5
      Source from:Salvia Sclarea L
      Appearance: off-white or white crystals powder
      Sclareolide is widely used in fragrant compound and flavorings.
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    • Rutin Powder

      Rutin Powder

      1.Rutin is extracted from flower of Sophora Japonica(Styphnolobium japonicum (L.))
      2.CAS NO:153-18-4[2]
      3.Molecular Formula:C27H30O16
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    • Ambroxane


      Product Name:Ambroxene
      CAS No.: 6790-58-5
      Other Name: Ambrox; Ambroxan; Ambroxide; Ambroxane
      Amberoxane is the top grade of fixative agent for all kinds of essential fragrance compound in tobacco, perfume and cosmetic. It is extracted from Salvia Sclarea...
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    • Luteolin powder

      Luteolin powder

      Product Name:Luteolin
      CAS No:491-70-3
      EINECS No:207-741-0
      Formula: C15H10O6
      Luteolin is a kind of representative natural flavonoid.. It is mainly found in medicines such as honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, nepeta, Prunella vulgaris, thyme,Vegetables such...
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    • Organic MCT Oil Powder

      Organic MCT Oil Powder

      1.MCT powder: Medium Chain Triglyceride
      2.CAS No.:555-45-3
      3.Good oxidation stablility&Cooling stability&Solubleness&low viscosity
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    • Echinacea Extract

      Echinacea Extract

      1.Latin Name: Echinacea Purpurea;
      2.YT Biochem can supply Echinacea Extract powder,granule;
      3.Part Used: Whole Herb,Arial parts or root;
      4.Extration Solvent:Ethanol/Water;
      5.Many different Specifications for your choice;
      6.Hot product in 2020...
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    • Artichoke Extract Powder

      Artichoke Extract Powder

      1.We supply bulk artichoke extract powder.
      2.Organic and conventional products are all available.
      3.We have warehouse for extract powder in the USA.
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