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  • alfalfa

    • Alfalfa powder

      Alfalfa powder

      1. Alfalfa powder contains Superoxide Dismutase (SOD);
      2. It is a good source for high level of vitamin K;
      3. It is usually used in Health food;
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    • Alfalfa Powder Organic

      Alfalfa Powder Organic

      1. Alfalfa Powder Organic is Certified by NOP and EU Organic certificates;
      2. It is the most widely cultivated pasture in the world;
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    • Alfalfa leaf powder

      Alfalfa leaf powder

      1. Alfalfa leaf powder is a true superfood that promotes overall health and well-being;
      2. It is dried at low temperatures to ensure the highest possible levels of enzymes, chlorophyll and vital nutrients;
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    • Alfalfa grass powder

      Alfalfa grass powder

      1. Alfalfa grass powder contains the most abundant vitamin K;
      2. The ingredients are higher than all of other vegetables;
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    • Alfalfa Supplement

      Alfalfa Supplement

      Description: Alfalfa supplement Bulk Supply ,It has been shown to help lower cholesterol and may also have benefits for blood sugar management and relieving symptoms of menopause. People also take it because it contains antioxidants, as well as nutrients like vitamin K,...
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    • Alfalfa Vitamins

      Alfalfa Vitamins

      Description: Alfalfa extract vitamin supplements contain flavonoids, triterpenes, alkaloids, coumarins, proteins and polysaccharides and other chemical components, with antibacterial, antioxidant, immune regulation, lower cholesterol and other biological activities. Some of...
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    • Organic Alfalfa powder

      Organic Alfalfa powder

      1. Organic Alfalfa powder is a true superfood that promotes overall health and well-being;
      2. It has the most nutritional values than other vegetables;
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    • Alfalfa Extract

      Alfalfa Extract

      Description: Wholesale superior alfalfa extract contains chemical components such as flavonoids, triterpenes, alkaloids, coumarin, proteins and polysaccharides, and has various biological activities such as antibacterial, antioxidant, immune regulation, and cholesterol...
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