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  • jujube dried

    • Organic Goji Berries Dried

      Organic Goji Berries Dried

      I ntroduction : organic goji berry refers to Lycium barbarum produced by a series of sustainable agricultural technologies in accordance with organic agricultural standards, without the use of organisms and their products obtained by genetic engineering, and without the use...
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    • Goji Berry Plant

      Goji Berry Plant

      Product description Goji berry, also called the wolfberry, is a bright orange-red berry that comes from a shrub that's native to China. Goji Berry is EU & NOP Organic certified with Kosher and ISO certificates, ours is from Ningxia, it has sweet taste, high in fibre...
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    • Jujube Dried

      Jujube Dried

      Description: OEM private label jujube dried can be used to delay aging, so it is suitable for women, and it can strengthen the spleen, and it is also suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that the sun eclipses three...
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    • Wolfberry


      Product description Red wolfberry, standard is our guarantee of virtually zero pesticide residues, sulfites, and heavy metals. Our 100% natural products contain only the goodness of the golden earth of the Yellow River Valley, the waters from melted Himalayan snow, and more...
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    • Dried Goji Berries

      Dried Goji Berries

      Product description Dried goji berries powder can aid the human body in many different ways. these potential benefits can include strengthening the immune system, prevention of eyesight maladies, protection of the liver, weight loss, and the ability to possibly reverse the...
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