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  • raspberry

    • Organic Raspberry Powder

      Organic Raspberry Powder

      1. Latin name: Rubus idaeus.
      2. Origin: China.
      3. Shelf life: 24 months.
      4. Certificate: NOP & EU organic certificates; Kosher certificate.
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    • Spray Dried Raspberry Juice Powder

      Spray Dried Raspberry Juice Powder

      Raspberry is a rich source of vitamin B, vitamin C and dietary fiber. The powder is easy to take and the nutrients contained in raspberry berries are easily absorbed by human body, which can promote the absorption and digestion of other nutrients, improve metabolism and...
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    • Dry Raspberry Powder

      Dry Raspberry Powder

      1.Product name: Raspberry powder
      2.Latin name: Rubus corchorifolius L. f.;
      3.Origin: China;
      4.Shelf life: 24 months;
      5.Package: 25kg/drum
      6.Certificates: ISO 9001; Kosher
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    • Raspberry Fruit Powder

      Raspberry Fruit Powder

      1.Non-GMO, gluten free and Raspberry Fruit Powder.
      2.Diary free, vegan, no filler.
      3.Origin: China.
      5.Certificate:ISO 9001, USDA Organic.
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    • Organic Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder

      Organic Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder

      1. Product name: Organic freeze dried raspberry powder
      2. Origin: China
      3. Shelf life: 24 months
      4. Package: 10kg/carton
      5. Certificate: ISO 9001; Kosher; NOP Organic
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    • Red Raspberry Powder

      Red Raspberry Powder

      1. Product name: Red raspberry powder.
      2.Biological name: Rubus idaeus L.
      3.Origin: China
      4.Shelf life: 24 months
      5.Stock: Yes
      6.Package: 10kg/carton
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