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  • spirulina

    • Certified organic spirulina powder

      Certified organic spirulina powder

      1. Certified organic spirulina powder is Non-GMO, gluten free,organic certified Spirulina protein powder;
      2. It has the highest protein and beta-carotene levels of all green superfoods;
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    • Certified organic spirulina

      Certified organic spirulina

      1.Certified organic spirulina is in low fat and cellulose;
      2.Latin name: arthrospira platensis;
      3.Origin: China;
      4.Shelf life: 24 months;
      5.Certificates: EU & NOP Organic certificate; Kosher;
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    • Pure spirulina powder

      Pure spirulina powder

      1. Pure spirulina powder is less than 20ppm, and also can reach less than 10ppm;
      2. It is certified by NOP and EU Organic certificates, and 100% natural, gluten-free, raw, Non-GMO, vegan without any additive;
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    • Raw organic spirulina powder

      Raw organic spirulina powder

      1. Raw organic spirulina powder is a kind of lower plant, belongs to the cyanophyta, rivulariaceae;
      2. It is Non-GMO, allergen free, irradiation free, and we have the very best price for EU & NOP organic quality;
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    • Spirulina tablets

      Spirulina tablets

      1. Spirulina 500mg tablets are 100% natural with high nutrition;
      2. YT Biochem also can supply other sizes' tablets;
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    • Spirulina tablets

      Spirulina tablets

      1.Spirulina tablets is the best source of pure natural protein food;
      2.It is usually used in Health food;
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    • Organic Spirulina Tablets

      Organic Spirulina Tablets

      1. Organic spirulina tablets is normally in 500mg, and we also supply other sizes, like 1000mg.
      2. It is Non-GMO,irradiation free, Gluten free and EU & NOP Organic certified ;
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    • Spirulina platensis powder

      Spirulina platensis powder

      1.Spirulina platensis powder is through wall-broken processing;
      2.YT Biochem can supply Organic & conventional Spirulina powder and tablets;
      3.Sulfite in it is normally less than 20ppm,for special request, it can be less than 10ppm;
      4.TPC can be less than...
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    • spirulina algae powder

      spirulina algae powder

      1. Spirulina algae powder is one of the most nutritionally rich and balanced species found so far.
      2. Its cell wall is extremely thin and the most easily absorbed by people, the absorption rate of up to 95%.
      3. It is the most complete, comprehensive, balanced...
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