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  • tea

    • Sweet Tea Extract

      Sweet Tea Extract

      1.Latin name:Rubus chingii var. Suavissimus
      2.Main content:Rubusoside10%-95%
      3.CAS NO.:64849-39-4
      4.We are bulk supplier.
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    • Dandelion Tea

      Dandelion Tea

      Product Introduction OEM Dried Flower Tea Raw Organic Dandelion Roots Tea Detox Dried Detox Tea Loose are actively being explored for roles in human health. The Dandelion Root is rich in vitamins and minerals, has the role of strengthening the liver, can lower cholesterol. In...
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    • Green tea extract

      Green tea extract

      Non-GMO, gluten free organic Green tea (whole, cut, powder, extract powder) China is the hometown of green tea, Green Tea Polyphenols have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for a variety of uses. Our organic green tea extract, aiming at the numerous benefits of...
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    • Dandelion root tea

      Dandelion root tea

      Introduction: Dandelion root tea is one of the most common wild herbs. In fact, dandelion is also a very common food and traditional Chinese medicine. Its buds can be eaten as wild vegetables, and its roots can be soaked in water after drying. Moreover, the dandelion root...
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    • Green tea leaf powder

      Green tea leaf powder

      1.Green tea leaf powder includes catechins which contain an enormous amount of hydroxyphenols that are easily oxidized, congregated and contracted, this explains its good anti-oxidation effect;
      2.Its anti-oxidation effect is 25-100 times as strong as those of vitamin C...
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    • Organic Matcha Tea Powder

      Organic Matcha Tea Powder

      1.Organic Matcha Tea Powder is totally natural without any additives, preservatives or artificial colors;
      2.With stable quality and rich nutrition, it's widely used as a healthy food additives;
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    • Tea Leaves

      Tea Leaves

      Description: Pure natural herbs product food grade spearmint leaves TBC tea tea bags, Spearmint tea, also known as garden mint, common mint, lamb mint and mackerel mint is a species of mint, Mentha spicata, native to Europe and southern temperate Asia. Spearmint tea is a...
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    • Green Tea Powder

      Green Tea Powder

      Product description Green tea powder, is rich in nutrients,antioxidants, fiber and chlorophyll, includes catechins which contain an enormous amount of hydroxyphenols that are easily oxidized, congregated and contracted, which explains its good anti-oxidation effect. Its...
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    • Astragalus Tea

      Astragalus Tea

      Product description Astragalus root tea, known as Astragalus (from the Latin: Astragalus membranaceus), is a plant native to China and Mongolia, but can now be found in the Northern hemisphere in regions with temperate climate, is made of wild astragalus from the...
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    • Organic Green Tea Powder

      Organic Green Tea Powder

      1.Organic Green Tea Powder is natural, finely ground and bright emerald-green tea powder.
      2.Matcha Powder is rich in necessary nutrients for the human body, such as polyphenols, proteins, fiber, viatmins, potassium,iron,chlorophy and other more than 30 kinds of trace...
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