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  • vegan rice protein powder

    • Soy Peptide

      Soy Peptide

      1.Latin name:Glycine max (Linn.) Merr
      2.Content:Not less than 90% protein.
      3.PH Value:5-7.5
      5.Shelf life:2 years
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    • Organic Textured Soy Protein

      Organic Textured Soy Protein

      1. Organic textured soy protein is made from defatted organic soy flake;
      2. Origin is China;
      3. YT Biochem also can supply Organic soy protein concentrate;
      4. It is a Light yellow flake with 100% purity;
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    • Collagen Peptide

      Collagen Peptide

      1.Source: Bovine/Fish
      2.Content:Not less than 90% Protein
      3.Texture: White fine powder
      4.MOQ: 25kg
      5.Shelf life: 2 years
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    • Textured Pea Protein

      Textured Pea Protein

      1.Textured pea protein is produced by high quality isolate pea protein;
      2.YT Biochem can supply 60%, 70%, 80% content in granule or flakes;
      3.It’s always used to produce Meat balls and popular in vegetarian group;
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    • Vegan Rice Protein Powder

      Vegan Rice Protein Powder

      1. Water Soluble: Yes.
      2. GMO:NON-GMO.
      3. Peptides:> 50%.
      4. Protein(dry basis):> 80%.
      5. Gluten free,100% natural,raw, bulk food.
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